JEDict can display vocabulary lists for Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT). The files are provided by www.PlaySay.com.

A level (1-4) is chosen using Level popup menu. Next word (>>) and previous word (<<) buttons control list scanning. If Test check box is on, translation of the word is displayed only when Hint button is pressed. Hint button becomes visible when Test check box is checked.

Words from the selected list may be presented sequentially or at random as defined by Random check box. The words marked as 'learned' may be hidden during scanning as defined by Hide learned check box. To mark a word as learned use button Mark as Learned. To remove all 'learned' marks use Clear All Learned Marks button.

Also JEDict can scan user dictionary and optional user word list. When available these two files are also included into Level menu. User dictionary was described in previous paragraph. Word list file is kind of user dictionary containing words you want to memorize. The 'wordList.txt' file is created inside ~/Library/JEDict/list/ folder. In contrast to SJIS-encoded JLPT files, user dictionary and word list are in UTF8 encoding. New words are added to list using contextual menu command from any text view. On this command clicked text line is appended to the end of word list file. You may keep multiple word lists. JEDict will load all files from ~/Library/JEDict/list/ directory assuming UTF8 encoding. However new words are always saved in wordList.txt file.

Audio File Installation

The professional JLPT 1 - 4 lists provided by www.PlaySay.com are completely compatible with 8504 mp3 audio files you may purchase here.

To install audio files downloaded from PlaySay site, click the Install Dictionary button in Dictionaries page. In dialog appeared navigate to the PLAYSAYJLPTxxx.zip file you want to install, and click Open button. Wait till JEDict extracts all mp3 files from archive. Once finished audio files are available for playing. o play JLPT word click on Play button.

The default location for JLPT audio files is ~/Library/JEDict/jlpt/. You may put an extracted JLPT folder here manually.

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