User dictionary is maintained as tab-delimited UTF8 encoded text.
An entries are formatted as lines consisting of five tab delimited fields.
The line format is:
word TAB transcription TAB speech_part TAB translation TAB comment END_OF_LINE

User dictionary is displayed inside six columns table. The first column shows a sequential word number in dictionary, it can not be edited. All other fields are editable and sortable.

To create a new word click on add (+) button, an empty entry <word 1> will be created. You are expected to fill relevant fields with relevant information.

Do delete a word, mark it and press Delete key, or click on delete (-) button. Be careful with delete operation. Currently there is no undo for this action.

To save changes in dictionary file press Save button. If you attempt to quit without saving - JEDict asks if you you wish to save.

Any text line from Word page can be imported into user dictionary by clicking on text line when holding option key.

EDICT-formatted Japanese-English text lines are converted into UserDict format automatically.
Any other line is copied into first word field and you should parse it by yourself.

UserDict view supports copy&paste and drag&drop commands for multiple line selection.

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