To find a word, type something inside search text field and press Enter key.

Left side Dictionary list shows a list of the dictionaries containing the searched word. Right side Text output view shows results from one selected dictionary. If Dictionary list is absent (drag he splitter to close it), all results are displayed in the Text output view grouped by dictionary.

Active Dictionaries

The word is searched in currently active dictionary group (set). Dictionary sets are created and edited inside Dictionaries page.
Word page contains a Combo box to select a group of active dictionaries and Segmented control to pick a temporal set for one-time search.

A click on segment initiates one-time search inside corresponding dictionary set. In this case active dictionary set is changed only temporarily for this particular search. Once search is finished, previous dictionary set is restored. Active set may be chosen using Combo box menu, or with popup menu attached to each segment. Active set name is displayed in the text field of the Combo box.
Click on first 'favorite' segment always initiate search in current set (the same action as pressing the Enter key).


Text-matching popup menu contains the following options:

Output refining popup menu contains the following options:

Speech parts and common-used words options are applicable only to EDICT dictionary, which contains speech part marks almost for all entries. Also approximately 20,000 entries of EDICT are marked as "the most commonly-used words in Japanese". JEDict marks these words with period at the end of line.

Recent searches

Search text field contains a popup menu with recently searched words. Selection of a word from this menu initiates it's search.

Go back (<=..) button keeps trace about recently displayed results. If you click on this button you will come back to previously selected results for given word in chosen dictionary.

Clipboard Monitor

The Clipboard Monitor popup menu specifies how JEDict should monitor clipboard changes. Details see in Clipboard Handling paragraph.

Text output view

Found results are displayed in the Text output view. You may specify text style and color to highlight the searched pattern inside final output, select text font and size, choose text or color markers to mark parts of speech. All these options are selected inside Preferences.
Text output view is not editable, if you want to compose new text using fragments of found entries, copy these fragments and paste them elsewhere. You also may use Document page to compose text files.

Double click on text inside text view activates another search of selection if 'Double click to find selection' check box from Preferences is set on. Search result is displayed in the same view, or in the side drawer if 'Use drawer to search selection' is chosen in Preferences.

Text View Contextual Menu

Any JEDict text view contains the following option in contextual menu activated on control click:

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