Preferences window contains several groups of parameters.

Kanji indices shown group

It includes 17 check boxes. They define which of kanji indices listed in KANJIDICT should be included into final output.

Search options group

Single click word selection Mark whole word with single click. According to standard text selection procedure, one click set a cursor for editing, double click marks the word.
Double click to find selection Use double click to send the selection into search field and initiate the search.
Use drawer to search selection When searching double clicked word, show search results in side drawer
Search disabled dictionaries If search in active dictionaries fails, continue search in disabled dictionaries
Hide non-existing kanji indices Hide kanji indices absent in kanjidict. Otherwise index shown as unknown (-).
Show stroke count for kanji In kanji view show stroke counter
Show stroke order Display pictogram showing stroke drawing order for kanji
Search selection in web page Search for word selected in web page.
Monitor clipboard Detect clipboard change and display clipboard content inside search fields.

Double click to find selection is applied to all text fields in all pages.
Do not find when go back check box. When On, it suppresses search, normally initiated after user select item from Back menu. Back menu keeps trace of 15 recently found words.
Apply stroke filter for radical - when user double clicks on grapheme to show all kanji containing this element, only kanji with specified number of strokes will extracted.

Appearance group

Text font Font  for text in Word page, Kanji and UserDict pages.
Kanji font Font for kanji in main kanji table.
Kanji color Defines color of kanji in kanji table.
Mark speech parts Display information about parts of speech. This information is available currently only in EDICT. Full list of text tags used to mark parts of speech see here.
Selection color Color used to highlight the searched pattern in final output.
Romaji color Color used to display romaji transcription.
Drawer text size font size for text displayed in drawer.
Romaji transcription Popup menu to choose if romaji transcription is shown.

In addition to the text tags, JEDict displays the following color markers:

Other settings

Page open on startup - choose the page to be open upon JEDict startup - Kanji, Word, or last open page.
History Length - number of items in corresponding history popup menus.

Web Preferences

Web preferences page corresponds to Safari web preferences.

Updates Page

This page contain Check for Updates Settings.
Enable Log file check box is needed for debugging purposes.

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