Command Shortcut Action
Recent kanji E All previously found kanji are displayed as a table in Kanji Lookup window.
All kanji L Show all kanji ordered as defined by “Sort by” menu.
Most-used kanji M Most-used kanji
Radicals  R Show radical kanji.
Graphemes    Show kanji used as graphemes (kanji components).
Kana Alphabet Hiragana and katakana symbols are shown inside Word page.
Verb Inflection Examples of verb inflection are shown inside Word page.
Stroke count   Show kanji with stoke number chosen from submenu.
Kanji with stroke order info   1,998 kanji from Todd David Ruddick stroke database.
Grade level   Show kanji from Jouyou grade 1-6
Kanji used in name   Display kanji used only in names.
Kanji page , Open kanji page
Word page . Open word page
User dict / Open user dictionary page
Document T Open document page
Dictionaries D Open dictionary page
JLPT page ; Open word list page


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