Privacy Policy of JEDict App

Effective Date: 07/17/2021

1. Who we are

JEDict is an application developed and maintained by Sergey Kurkin.


2. Privacy Statement

JEDict app does not collect, use or transfer any user information.
Nevertheless JEDict team is committed to privacy and we take care of all your data will be stored safely on your device.

JEDict deals with camera taken pictures and image files from shared sources you provide for optical character recognition (OCR).
Provided images are stored locally.
Text files you provide for word by word translation are not stored locally.
Recorded audio is deleted once speech is recognized.

3. Access permissions

3.1. Access to your Camera

Access to your Camera will be asked to run the optical character recognition on images taken with your camera.
Taken pictures will be stored locally in your Documents/ocr_images folder. You are free to keep or delete them.

3.2. Access to your Microphone and Speech Recognition

Access to your Microphone and Speech Recognition will be asked to perform speech-to-text recognition. No Audio data are stored.

3.3. Access to your picture and text files

No permissions are necessary to access individual files stored in shared locations on your device or iCloud Drive.
The copy of picture from external source will be stored locally together with camera taken pictures.
Writing to your Photo Library is not performed.