Version History




  • Fixed EPWING dictionary alias bug


  • New application icon
  • Improved kanji list handling
  • Edict word lists
  • minor bug fixes


  • Updated KVG viewer
  • Kanji scanner inside KVG view
  • Install dictionarie from bz2 archives
  • Editable dictionary titles
  • JLPT included in search
  • fixed word list crach
  • fixed search result presentation with closed headword panel.


  • fixed handwriting recognition.


  • 0SX 10.6 compatibiliy.


  • Yosemite compatibility.
  • Further improvement in hiragana spelling.
  • Improved interface.


  • New updater (will run next upgrade).
  • Fixed hiragana spelling.
  • Fixed occasional crashes in OSX Maverick.


  • Text pronounciation based on system text to speech engine.
  • Compressed startdict formats (dz, gz).
  • EPWING viewer


  • StarDict format support
  • Re-designed kanji search page
  • New kanji drawer based on KanjiVG data


  • New handwriting recognition engine
  • Hiragana transcription of examples


  • Fixed search progress
  • Fixed hiragana transliteration


  • Kanji examples from UserDict
  • Minor fixes


  • Fixed indexing of expamples file
  • Preview in Install Dictionary dialog
  • Fixed encoding autodetect procedure


  • New playable JLPT lists provided by
  • Updated French localization
  • Dictionary server for iPhone


  • Fixed Japanese input
  • New result list layout
  • Monitored dictionary folder content


  • Multiple user dictionaries
  • HanDeDict support
  • Fixed search of kana words in kanjidic


  • Fixed stroke order animation for three kanji
  • Fixed column sorting order for user dictionary
  • Improved file viewer


  • Stroke order animation
  • Fixed layout of GUI elements


  • Dictionary file viewer
  • French and Russian localizations
  • JEDict main window title includes title of active tab
  • Automatic WadokuJT convertion into SJIS
  • Fixed dictionary re-arranging
  • Fixed kanji list sorting
  • Fixed Save As webarchive option


  • fixed tab switcher in Leopard


  • Expandable WAJIRO links
  • All EPWING gaiji are supported
  • Fixed RTF and RTFD file opening
  • Fixed Go Home command in web page


  • New dictionary set switcher
  • Kana transliteration contextual menu command
  • Fixed grapheme drop in kanji page
  • Modified grapheme list auto update function
  • Fixed EDICT indexing
  • Drag and drop in UserDict page


  • Fixed enable/disable option for Romaji transcription.
  • Fixed search of multiple words in EDICT.
  • Fixed access to Japanese sound files.
  • Fixed headword mode for JMDICT.
  • Restored SKIP index display.
  • Multiple UTF8 word-lists can be loaded in JLPT page.


  • new layout for word search page
  • window toolbar
  • improved indexing of EDICT and XDXF files
  • EPWING dictionaries support
  • sound files support
  • edict/kanjidict update from contextual menu


  • Contextual menu plugin
  • Minor changes in grapheme filter
  • Minor changes in word searching
  • Adding a word to UserDict without page switching


  • Fixed clipboard monitor
  • Faster search for XDXF dictionaries (re-indexing is necessary)
  • Show kanji contextual menu command is added for text view
  • Re-index button
  • Multiple dictionary selection
  • Copy and find commands for user dictionary
  • Radical information now is shown for selected kanji


  • Userdict can be loaded as JLPT list
  • Modified <Downloads> view
  • Dictionaries are sorted by language
  • Dictionary information column is added
  • <Install dictionary> command can handle *.tag and *.bz2 archived XDFXF dictionaries
  • Fixed focus switching in response on pressed arrow key
    • v.4.2.3

    • Removed "This beta expired.." stop alert


    • Improved indexing of XDXF dictionaries
    • Fixed JLPT-4 file
    • Fixed clipboard monitor
    • Check for update option
    • Limitation on number of returned entries
    • v.4.2.1

    • Re-indexing through contextual menu
    • Fixed verb inflection
    • Fixed blocked access to EDICT/KANJIDICT
    • v.4.2

    • Universal binary
    • Better dictionary installation procedure
    • fixed minor bugs
    • v.4.1.1

    • Fixed text view lock in word page after control click (e.g. after copy to userDict command).
    • Fixed learned words hiding for random lists in JLPT page.
    • Fixed textual representation for some graphemes during drag and drop .
    • Improved text output for Japanese entries from EDICT.


    • XDXF files support
    • MJdic support.


    • JLPT - random list scan
    • JLPT - hide learned words
    • File size limit for examples is removed.
    • Contextual menu for kanji cell (copy to pasteboard)
    • Contextual menu to open dictionary in JEDict, BBedit and Finder.
    • Graphemes and kanji drag-drop
    • Search any text dropped on JEDict main window.
    • F5 functional key editor mode (temporary disable clipboard monitor single click word selection).


    • Fixed font preferences for kanji view.
    • Fixed click handling inside text views.
    • Encoding selector in Open Panel with auto detect option.
    • Different text formats for Save As command (txt, rtf amd html).


      • Fixed Japanese encoding conversion procedure
      • Font selection for PowerBook is fixed.
      • Duplicate lines in JLPT-1 file are removed.
      • Word export to UserDict for Wadoku is added.
      • 'Save As' command for userdict is fixed.
      • Typos in Preferences are fixed.
      • View splitters (in web page and kanji page)
      • Direct search for small utf8 and EUC-encoded files.
      • Resized kanji table (font size change is not implemented yet)
      • Handwriting recognition panel is restored.
      • "Search word' and 'Add to UserDict' contextual menu commands for text views.
      • Stop/reload button added for web view.
      • Bookmarks and history menus are added.
      • Show/hide bookmarks bar menu command.
      • WebView: Clear cache, Private Browsing, BlockPopup commands.
      • Web preferences tab in preferences.
      • Find panel for WebView.
      • Clipboard monitor popup is moved from preferences into word page.
      • Bring to front the results of clipboard search option is added.
      • 'WebView page' and 'Clipboard Handling' paragraphs are added to manual.
      • Separate New commands for three type of document: JEDict, web browser and text document.
      • Radical info now is shown together with kanji information.


      • Cocoa interface (requires OSX 10.4)
      • multiple languages
      • new kanji finder
      • clipboard monitoring
      • JLPT lists
      • managed dictionary sets
      • internal web browser
      • Unicode text editor


      • <Search in JEDict> command for Services menu.
      • Font size now is applied to all edited text views.
      • User defined kanji size for table view.
      • Additional options for word searching.
      • Verb inflection examples.
      • Show <Kana alphabets> option.

      • JEDict manual now appears inside Apple Help viewer.
      • Kanji finder shows several examples of kanji usage from EDICT dictionary.
      • Kanji lists from main Kanji finder view may be saved as text file.
      • Load command inside Kanji page shows all kanji from any text file.
      • Drag and drop support for individual kanji inside Kanji finder view.
      • Drag feature and copy command for user dictionary lines.
      • Pasted or dropped unicode text is accepted.


      • Example sentences support.
      • Fixed Haig index.
      • Fixed paste command for text page.
      • Inline input on/off check box.


      • New UserDict layout with separate kanji, kana, translation and comment fields.
      • In OSX, plug-in now will reside in ~Library/Contextual Menu Items/ folder. This will fix writing permission problem and prevents another users to use JEDict CM plug-in.
      • New Special menu containing Find and Find Again commands. These commands search for match in any text view.
      • AND logic option for word search. Use & symbol to find entries containing two words simultaneously (e.g. word1 & word2 ).
      • JEDict application now is distributed as package. However it is still Classic Carbon application.


      • Disclosure triangle in Kanji view is back
      • Fixed startup crash when access to Contextual Menu Items folder in denied in OSX.
        Now when JEDict finds write-protected 'Contextual Menu Items' folder, it displays a message and by-passes plug-in installation/removal. If you want to install plug-in, you need manually enable writing permission. Select Ownership&Permissions option in Get Info panel for  /Library/Contextual Menu Items folder, and turn on read/write privilege for owner.


      • Plugin install/uninstall function.
      • Faster plugin search.
      • Plugin can search for hiragana.
      • Shortcuts for page switching.
    • Improved OSX compatibily.
    • Additional searching options.
    • Fixed vertical centering of kanji character inside drawing frame.
    • Support for Mac OS X 10.2 "Jaguar".
    • Contextual menu support.
    • Intergated installer&updater.
    • Fixed occasional crashes in multilanguage environment.
    • Stroke drawing order information for most-used kanji.
    • Updated EDICT.
    • Shorcut for alternative search in ENAMDICT and J_PLACES.
    • Searching in Eijiro files.
    • Navigation through recent kanji lists.
    • Inline input.
    • Scroll wheel support (MacOS X)
    • Improved search result presentation.
    • Fixed sluggish search happened accidentally in ver.3.2.
    • Other minor bugs fixed.
    • v.3.2
      • New page with user dictionary.
      • Export of dictionary entries to user dictionary.
      • Iterative search for sentence components.
      • New HTML based manual.
      • New icon designed by Max Pinton. Thanks Max.
      • Improved OS X appearance.
      • Fixed wrong kanji code sent from kanji view  to search engine on double click.
      • Fixed folder name bug - a failure to open dictionary file when one of outer folders contains in name non-English characters.
      • Mac OSX compatible
      • Support for recent changes in dictionary database: marked speech parts and selection of    commonly-used words
      • Different sorting criteria for kanji lists
      • Dictionary selector is moved into JEDict fifth page
      • Text size in Search page is selectable
      • Each kanji in the table is depicted with stroke count (optionally)
      • Smaller index files and shorter dictionary registering time.
      • Improved dictionary search.
      • More dictionaries supported. Dictionary version information is shown in JEDict Info window.
      • Offscreen drawing to reduce image flicker when screen is updated.
      • Generic stroke grapheme standing for any grapheme with given stroke counter.
      • User-defined starting page.
      • Fixed font selection option.
      • Fixed wrong kanji appearance in large view when running JEDict under OS 9.1
        Fixed unexpected exit error when user quit program before dictionary registering is completed.
      • JEDict 2.5 contains native PPC code running faster on Power Macintosh.
      • Improved kanji graphical classification with 430 graphemes.
      • Integrated interface - everything you need inside one window.
      • Drag and drop support.
      • Expanded dictionary database (registered users ONLY).
      • Internal text editor.
      • Automatic text conversion into SJIS format (registered users ONLY).
      • Improved search inside dictionaries.