JEDict contains JEDictCM.plugin bundle that is installed into ~/Library/Contextual Menu Items/ folder. With this plug-in installed you can initiate search of selected word from any application supporting contextual menus (CM). JEDictCM.plugin adds 'Search in JEDict: <selected text>' command into contextual menu.

JEDictCM plug-in settings are inside Plug-in tab of JEDict Preferences.

You have three choices to display search results:

In later case the drawer will be attached to parent window till new search request comes from another window. Then the drawer will jump to new parent.

In case of using JEDict windows for displaying search result you may additionally check Bring JEDict to front check box.

Optionally you can install Search in JEDict command into application menu with specified shortcut key. Command is installed into Edit menu after Find command or to the end of menu if 'Find' command is absent. This command duplicates 'Search in JEDict' command installed in Services menu with only difference: you can choose a shortcut key. You have a chance to find you own shortcut key that is not used in menus of your favorite applications.

JEDict CM menu commands first option moves JEDict's own CM commands to the top of the contextual menu. This option is applied only to JEDict application. Item order in contextual menus of the application is defined by system.

You may create separate dictionary set named 'plugin' designed exclusively for plug-in search.

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