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file (d/l)
Size Entries
aviation.sit 32K 737
Aviation Dictionary
classical.sit 32K 563 May 1, 2000 Glenn's Classical Japanese dictionary 
compdic.sit 551K 12,156 Mar 13,  2004 A glossary of terminology in the computing and telecommunications industries 
compverb.sit 52K 1,228
The COMPVERB file of over 1,100 Japanese compound verbs, as found in Tagashira and Hoff's "Handbook of Japanese Compound Verbs.
concrete.sit 44K 1056
Gururaj Rao's Concrete Terminology Glossary
enamdict.sit 8.3M 353,691 Apr 13, 2004 Japanese proper names 
ediclsd4.sit 1.4M 34,286 2000 Japanese/English Life Science Dictionary project 
findic.sit 28K 596 Jun 12,1997 Kevin Seaver's glossary of financial terms 
engscidic.sit 536K 14192
reeware file of terms mostly to do with engineering and physical sciences
geodic.sit 48K 1,316 Apr 10,1997 The file of geological terminology
j_places.sit 2.5M 78,436
Japanese place-names, culled from the MPT's WWW page
lawgledt.sit 132K 3,231
University of Washington Japanese-English Legal Glossary
lingdic.sit 120K 2,882  Sep 17,1998 Francis Bond's J/E Linguistics Dictionary file
mktdic.sit 20K 463
The MKTDIC file is the EDICT formatted compilation of Adam Rice's business & marketing glossary lists from the Honyaku WWW pages. 
pandpdic.sit 20K 390 Apr 1, 1997 Jim Minor's Pulp & Paper Industry Glossary file 
stardict.sit 8K 107 Jan 26,2001 Raphael Garrouty's compilation of constellation names 

Each archive file contains dictionary file from The Monash Nihongo ftp Archive and one index files (.idx).
COMPDIC and ENAMDIC files are under copyright of The Electronic Dictionary Research and Development Group at Monash University.

Dictionary database updated  Oct 26, 2004

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You may download extra dictionaries directly form Monash server

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1) Download archive file, e.g.
2) Expand archive containing three files: dictionary,  . doc and .jdx files.
3) Put ONE dictionary file (e.g. compdic) into Dicts folder inside JEDict folder.
4) Launch JEDict, registering procedure will start in background. Upon completion dictionary will be available for usage.
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